Your video from A to Z.

Do you want to produce a video for internal communication purposes?

This might not sound like much of a challenge, but it actually requires perfect command of this format. Video is a ‘cold medium’, which can be played back and analysed in great details. Nothing should be left to chance!


Whistcom handles the creation of your internal communications video from A to Z: whether to introduce a new collaborator, publicize a project, comment on recent corporate results, highlight collaborators’ successes, share testimonials, etc.

A team of experts at your service.

Whistcom gives you access to a team of experts:


An oral communication strategy expert to clarify your goal, define your editorial line, and write the script.


A technical team (director, camera operator, editor) for the filming and editing of your video.


A project manager to take care of the logistics, handle you requests and deliver a finished product within the best possible time frame.

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