Our Experts.

Experienced professionals.

Our experts are all experienced professionals recognised in their fields and with a strong practical expertise: communication consultants, actors, comedians, singers, TV journalists, stress management coaches, image consultants, etc.


All of our experts share the same teaching approach and will provide friendly insights throughout the course.


Their technical and instructional skills are updated every day with the help of Whistcom’s continuous monitoring of current research.


Charlie President and co-founder
Laetitia Associate director and co-founder
Julien CEO
Louis Communication Manager
Elisabeth Office manager
Blanche Chargée de communication
Alice Oral Strategy Expert
Alexandre Oral Strategy Expert
Delphine Oral Strategy Expert
Isabelle Oral Strategy Expert
Nathalie Oral Strategy Expert
Pierre Oral Strategy Expert
Karine Oral Strategy Expert
Maud Oral Strategy Expert
David Stress Management Expert
Marie-Blanche Stress Management Expert
Alice Oral Strategy Expert
Gilles Journalist
Florence Journalist
Nina Oral Strategy Expert
Nita Journalist

Our founders

Charlie & Laetitia

Laetitia de Clerck and Charlie Clarck are partners in business as in life and the proud parents of four, who came together around their shared passion for communication. After several years working in the world of media and journalism, they founded Whistcom in 2015.


“Our job is to foster humanity in professional relationships. Communicating your feelings, getting in touch with your emotions, showing empathy… We believe this is the meaning of life… And that it’s worth living for!” - Laetitia de Clerck – Co-Founder of Whistcom


“Just as our British heritage would suggest, we like entertainment, excitement and fun… And mixing things up! Which is why we have developed a top-notch and professional approach that is neither boring nor run-of-the-mill!” - Charlie Clarck – Co-Founder of Whistcom

Our mission is to develop humanity in professional relationships. Communicating emotions, expressing a feeling, having empathy... we believe that this is the meaning of life... and that it is worth living!

Laetitia de Clerk Associate director and co-founder

Our Strategic Committee.

Our Strategic Committee is responsible for advising Whistcom on the strategy and the development priorities. The Committee is composed of 3 external members of Whistcom. They are all experienced leaders in the fields of communication, oral strategy and learning/training:


Natalie Rastoin, former Ogilvy – CEO and Founder of Polytane
Pascal El Grably, Founder of Crossknowledge
Eric Cuënot, former Nike - CEO and Founder of 3P Consulting

Our Whistcentre.

Our Whistcentre is a unique environment for practical trainings, in the heart of Paris, near Invalides (7th arr.)


5 training rooms provide the conditions for real-life simulations. A casual and friendly atmosphere, like an Executive Club.

Visit our Whistcenter