Our Mission.

Oral communication, at the heart of an executive’s career strategy.

At Whistcom, we believe that oral communication is an essential resource to increase employee engagement and business performance. Our latest survey by OpinionWay for Whistcom confirms that 75% of employees consider that a spoken message from their boss has more weight than a written one.However, only 12% of those surveyed found their boss inspiring in their oral communication!


Executives who are inspiring generate a virtuous circle: when oral communication becomes a motivator, collaborators find meaning in their work,team performance increases, and companies become more profitable!

The 3Fs of communication.



Content is the message itself. What should you say when speaking to your teams to inspire them?


Form is essentially non-verbal communication. How to use your body to create an impact and allow your message to be effective?


And format is the context. What is the most appropriate channel to deliver my message and how do I stage my speech to engage my collaborators (videos, online live broadcasts, keynotes, etc.)?

Our expertise for business executives.

Vous former pour vos communications orales

We deliver training services for business executives looking to master the techniques of public speaking, with training programmes and personalized coaching allowing you to increase your impact by 35%! Orality, Orality Advanced, Orality Mindset…

Our training programmes
Vous accompagner dans vos communications d'entreprise

We offer guidance for companies wishing to create oral communication media: we write, produce and orchestrate corporate conventions, live broadcasts, videos…

Our Events & Productions

Your AUDIENCE is the STAR.

In oral communications, what’s important is not what the speaker perceives, but what the audience perceives.

We have this habit of saying that you don’t sign up to Whistcom for you, and that “you don’t really matter anyway!” Because it’s not about the person doing the talking, the star is the audience.

This particular mindset is the foundation on which our entire method was built, both in terms of form and content.

Our training programmes

Speaking is a science.

When it comes to business executives, most of you have a culture of written communication, but often little grasp of the dynamics of oral communication. You think speaking in public is an intuitive practice, and that it takes a natural gift to get people on board just with words.


At Whistcom, we are convinced of the opposite. We believe that speaking is a science and that anyone who understands the dynamics of it can project charisma in any situation. That’s the essence of the SPORT method® developed by Whistcom.

SPORT method®.

The SPORT method® developed by Whistcom is a simple and directly applicable method that can help anyone to be more inspiring in any situation.


The SPORT method® is taught in all of our programmes, through simulations of real-life situations led by our Whistcom experts, both remotely or in person at our Whistcenter.


The SPORT method® allows participants to increase their oral communication impact by 35% (average based on self-assessments from executives trained by Whistcom).

Our world.

Un service d'excellence pour vous former

Club atmosphere.

We offer a different experience. Warm, intimate, elegant premises, a very high quality service to welcome you alongside the best experts!

Recherche de l’excellence.

Whistcom is always striving to stay at the cutting edge of innovation, conducting research & development, and constantly improving itself to deliver the best possible oral communication expertise. That’s our commitment.

Un esprit convivial et familial à vos côtés


A team that recognises you, a confidential Whistclub with alumni, small group training in a warm and family atmosphere, this is our savoir-vivre.

Serious, but never boring.

With our experience from the world of showbusiness and entertainment, we know how to deliver professional, yet casual oral communication!

Recherche de l’excellence.

Un esprit convivial et familial à vos côtés


Serious, but never boring.

Un service d'excellence pour vous former

Club atmosphere.

Want to understand the name "Whistcom" ?

In Irish English, “whist” means “shush!”. For us, the mastery of silence is an essential aspect of successful oral communication. And one of the virtues of the SPORT method® is precisely to teach you how to harness the power of silence when you’re delivering a speech.


More importantly, whist is also a highly strategic card game (an ancestor of bridge). That’s an analogy we like, because when it comes to oral communication, although you don’t get to choose your strengths, you can definitely choose your strategy… And whatever your starting point, there’s always a way for you to win!