Events and productions.

the vision.

Having a ‘solid strategic plan’ is not enough, you also need effective corporate communication to unite all of your collaborators around a project.


Spreading your corporate vision,and ensuring teams are properly motivated and share the same vision: these are the touchstones of an effective oral communication strategy.

The three aspects of oral communication strategy.

To optimize your oral communication strategy, Whistcom will work concurrently on the three aspects of corporate communication: content, form and format.


Is making sure you are understood and your message is inspiring. We craft your messages specially for oral delivery, to maximize their impact.


Is making sure the people conveying the message are seen and heard. We provide training programmes to help executives build their charisma.


Is defining the most appropriate context to ensure that form and content are optimal. We produce corporate conventions, live broadcasts and high-impact videos.

Up to you to choose your format.

Business executives and oral communication strategy.

We needed a quick and efficient solution. The Whistcom expert understood our problems and issues very well.
He went straight into our world and helped us untangle everything. We felt very comfortable with him.
There was a twofold support: both the content (clarifying our message, what we want the sales people to remember) and the form (how we are going to say it in the video).
We managed to produce a clear and simple message in a hurry, thanks to Whistcom.
Our feedback on Whistcom is very positive. In fact, we went back to work on a similar project a few months later.

Marie Nédelec
International Brand Manager
Dom Pérignon

On the day of, we felt they were complete pros at organizing these types of events. Everything was under control for an amazing final result, especially on the technical end of things. It was very reassuring, from beginning to end. Regarding the form and format of the event, the organization of our ‘Let’s Rock’ live conference, which could have been a source of stress, was carried out with a lot of poise and everything was ready on time.

Thierry Aflalo
Chief Product Officer, Edenred

Whistcom and I did a lot of work for this event. We thought together about a unifying theme, then about how to charter it graphically so that it could exist for the audience. Whistcom led the reflection on the articulation of the interventions, their diversity and the animation of the plenary meeting. And Whistcom created a public speaking module for each of the speakers, so that they would all feel comfortable on stage. At Whistcom, you feel that there is a structure, that there is a team and that there is a process. The plenary meeting went very well. The sequences were very clear, it was very professional, without being cold. Very positive. Really consistent with what we wanted to get across.

Géraud de la Noue
CEO Campari France

'We had no experience of an online convention. What was special about it compared to a traditional convention? The Whistcom expert helped us to prepare everything. A real success! A "whaouuu" effect! Then we got a lot of very positive feedback. It was the first time we had a presenter on stage at one of our conventions. Usually, we managed everything ourselves. This was different. It was a short, rhythmic and dynamic format, without any length. We really liked it. It gave our teams a new sense of purpose. This live event with Whistcom had a back-to-school seminar effect: it gave us energy and momentum for the new year. We're off to a great start.'

Julian Blanco
Directeur BS