Orality Mindset.

Overcome your stage fright.

Do you feel anxious whenever you need to speak in front of an audience? Well, that’s understandable!


Sweaty palms, dry mouth and a tight throat… Those are the clear signs of stage fright. And you wish you knew how to get over it.


This Orality Mindset programme is all about stress-free public speaking and having fun doing it.

The benefits of the Orality Mindset programme..

Your body and your emotions are your first allies, but they can become an obstacle to speaking out...


Orality Mindset is aimed at managers who want to improve their stress management and enhance their performance in all situations. Through a variety of workshops, you will discover practical tools for managing your emotions.


What are the benefits of this course?


Be more inspiring... your SPORT potential is truly unleashed, and you can get your teams on board.


To be more serene... you're better able to cope with stress.


Be more efficient... you know your performance zone and know how to put yourself in an optimal state.




The Orality Mindset method..

A 100% remote and 100% tailored programme that works around your schedule.


6 hours of training including 3 workshops led by an expert and E-learning sequences (educational videos, downloadable files, etc.).


• Multiple remote exercises. 


Evaluations carried out at the beginning and end of the course, followed by a debriefing meeting.


No pre-requisites are necessary to follow the Orality Mindset programme. Provisional lead time of 14 days between registration and the start of the course.