The Oral Delivery Alumni Club.

You have successfully completed the Oral Delivery programme and you now know that speaking is a SPORT. One that requires technique and practice.


Comme pour un sportif de haut niveau, l’amélioration de vos performances passe maintenant par du coaching de dirigeants, de l’exercice régulier et un réglage de chaque détail. C’est l’objectif de notre Whistclub : permettre à chaque dirigeant de continuer à progresser.


The Whistclub is a private club of business executives offering many advantages to reach excellence in public speaking.


The Whistclub is true to Whistcom’s motto: “serious, but never boring”.



Our R&D Lab.

In this continuous pursuit of self-improvement, the Whistclub also provides content for la cellule d’innovation de Whistcom.


Doing research and development in the field of oral communication applied to corporate environments and further developing the SPORT method is one of the goals of the Whistclub.


In November 2021, the Whistclub published the first survey by OpinionWay for Whistcom focusing on “employees and their bosses’ word.

Our inspiring events.

Casual and inspiring events on public speaking are regularly organized to bring together Whistclub members around a distinguished guest. These events provide opportunities for informal conversations, inspiring encounters and refined enjoyment, in the true spirit of the Whistclub: working together towards excellence in public speaking.

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