The Oral Delivery Alumni Club.

You have successfully completed the Oral Delivery programme and you now know that speaking is a SPORT. One that requires technique and practice.


As with top-level sportsmen and women, improving your performance now requires executive coaching, regular exercise and fine-tuning of every detail. That's what our Whistclub is all about: enable each manager to continue to progress.


The Whistclub is a private club of business executives offering many advantages to reach excellence in public speaking.


The Whistclub is true to Whistcom’s motto: “serious, but never boring”.



Our R&D Lab.

In this continuous pursuit of self-improvement, the Whistclub also provides content for Whistcom’s innovation centre


Doing research and development in the field of oral communication applied to corporate environments and further developing the SPORT method® is one of the goals of the Whistclub.


In November 2021, Whistclub published the first Whistcom-Opinion barometer on "employees and the word of their manager". A new barometer will be published in October 2023.

Our inspiring events.

Casual and inspiring events on public speaking are regularly organized to bring together Whistclub members around a distinguished guest. These events provide opportunities for informal conversations, inspiring encounters and refined enjoyment, in the true spirit of the Whistclub: working together towards excellence in public speaking.

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